Here is some information provided by Guillaume (FRA 1823)

The venue is the National Sailing School. It is located at the following address: ENVSN – Beg Rohu – 56150 Saint Pierre Quiberon.


The closest airports are Vannes, Lorient (both of them are small ones), Nantes and then Paris. The closest train station is Quiberon. It is accessible by a special train which is to be taken at Auray station. The latter station is delivered by high speed train from Paris.

From Paris it is a 4h30 drive. The train is approximately the same. Please remember that when you are driving in France with a car and a boat behind, the price of the highway fee should not be higher than one for a standard car (in this country boats, and only boats, are allowed to travel for free 😉 ).

For the best roads, better ask GPS as they surely know them better than I do. The only advice I would suggest is to avoid entering or leaving the Halfisland on ‘beach time’, since it can be massively crowded then.


For the container, it would be best to have them dropped straight at the ENVSN. This probably has to be organised a bit with the local responsible, I can help with the required translation.


ENVSN is a huge private campus, with all necessary facilities. The place is really used to hosting world class events.

Inside the campus, there is:

– a private beach (from which all the boats are launched)
– a boat parking
– a car parking
– a campsite
– two buildings with rooms for rent
– a restaurant / cafeteria, (breakfast/lunch/dinner at reasonable price)
– several other buildings (fitness stuff, comity/jury rooms, etc, etc)
– trees, birds, grass but no cows and no sheep (really sorry for the kiwis who might miss these lovely stinky animals during their trip) .

To order a room or a camping area send an email to: (Reminder: if you can’t understand the answer, don’t blame the frogs (it’s only a frog), do blame Google translation for being stupid and ignorant).

The campsite is divided in approximately 20 adjacent parts, within any of them there is enough space for several tents or vans (two to 5 depending on the size of the tents).

Concerning prices, we don’t have a clue about 2016 prices yet. Nonetheless you will find the 2015 prices here:

The restaurant is not really a restaurant; it is more like a canteen where one has to buy your own tickets at the beginning of the week. There are several proper restaurants in the nearby city easily accessible after a short bike ride (like 5 mins from the campus itself).

The western coast of the island is named ‘Cote Sauvage’, which litteraly means wild coast. It’s a well-known surf spot, even so July might not be the best period for waves in Brittany. The landscapes are really beautiful and… wild!