Here are some maps and details on the venue.

These maps are of the sailing school, Nationale de Voile et des Sports Nautiques (ENVSN).

The event is being iorganised by La Société des Régates de Saint Pierre Quiberon (SRSP), which is a few km north of ENVSN, but the ENVSN is the sailing base for the event.

At ENVSN there are camping facilities, room to rent, car and camper parking and dinghy parking for, we are told, up to 500 boats.

Thanks to Guillaume for the following.

The point below is the school campsite, legally they are authorised to go up to 50 persons on it. It’s a field and it is within the school perimeter, which is closed by a barrier. The school campus is pretty huge roughly it is the whole picture below except the small houses from the bottom of the image.


The boats are generally parked on the sand/concrete area on the right. It is really a big surface, at least more than 1.5 the whole area we had in Poland. All the trailers are left on the grass field just above the point with a square, above the name ‘Ecole Nationale de Voile ENV’. Once again it is inside the school perimeter.

Below are the two campsites which are close to the sailing school but outside of it :


The first campsite is at the green point (Park Er Lann). The second one is on the left close to the beach, with a grey point on it. Both are a five-minute walk from the sailing school.

We hope to publish more information on booking at the club and accommodation in the surrounding area very soon. Please check back later.