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Notice Board

Measurement Process

At the 2016 worlds, OKDIA will try a new process of pre-event measurement.
This process was introduced with success in some other classes, especially the Olympic claseses. There will be no standard measurement process for all boats, instead sailors self-certificate their equipment.

At registration every competitor will get a set of numbered stickers and a form. Every competitor is free to use the measurement equipment available to check his own equipment. The competitor puts the numbered stickers on his equipment and fills the form accordingly, then returns any unused stickers and the form to the organizers. Measurement checks by the organizers can be done at any time, especially during the official measurement times, but also during the event.

The goal is to make the measurement process a lot faster for everyone. The class rules always prescribed that it’s the sole responsibility of the competitor that his boat complies with the rules, so this process is no change in responsibilities.

The following documents will be used for the worlds:

OKDIA Equipment_Inspection_Regulations

Contrôles avant les courses (regulations in french)

Pre event equipment check 2016

Jury appointments

The jury for the World Championship has been appointed and approved by the French Sailing Federation FVV.

The Jury was reduced to 5, as Peter Lamass will not come.

The jury members are:

Jean-Claude Bornes, IJ, FRA, Chair
Bill Bell, IJ, AUS
Michal Jodlowski, IJ, POL
Peter Meyer, NJ, SUI
Peter Scheuerl, IJ, GER

Letter of approval